Surround yourself with things that make you smile…..


I recently spent a weekend in London and was thrilled to spend a few hours walking around the Tate Modern. It’s been a while since I allowed myself to just have fun, and do the simple things in life that make me smile. What blew me away was coming face to face with a room full of Gerhard Richter paintings! I was introduced to his work back in university over 15 years ago and have been inspired by him ever since. To me he is the painting equivalent of a free runner, pushing his boundaries, finding the strength to take his work to new dimensions whilst effortlessly being in total control.

Being in that room in ore of his beautiful creations made me realise that I have neglected my own creative needs of late. I’ve been too caught up with my studying, worrying about getting the grades, spending all my free time by my desk with my head in my books. This weekend I actually started a new painting, first in a few months. The smell of the oil paint, combined with my endless mug of coffee was so comforting, and filled me with so much happiness, it was as if I was filled with a million smiles, all bursting out of me in all directions. I felt as if I had returned from my zombie state and with each breath of my turps filled atmosphere, was transforming into Jess again.

It occurred to me that if one single visit to the Tate Modern could bring such joy to me, then wouldn’t it be lovely to share that experience with others and provide a service where my art can make someone smile too. I’ve decided to have a sale for that reason, where I have reduced my paintings by 20%. I’m hoping my art will transform your mood, and inspire you to take a moment and smile…..

Abstract art to buy….Abstract art to love….Abstract art to impress….Abstract art to cherish!


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Are you seeing red too?


My life is filled with all things creative, from the paintings I create, canvases and oil paints yet to be used, textiles I collect and cut out, the pva glue in abundance surrounded by dried out brushes that I forgot to wash, my sewing machine which still gets the better of me, and my precious ongoing love affair with art reference books on artists that inspire me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My life is also however quite chaotic, and for those of you familiar with my blog will know I am now master of juggling several areas of my life on a daily routine. What with working full time in a pharmacy, studying with the open university for an environmental degree and running my online gallery trying to paint as much as I can oh and planning a wedding it’s never a dull moment I can assure you!

Now being a Virgo, I do like things to be done a certain way (my way), have lists for everything, need things to be in the correct place and am not very good at unexpected changes as I like to be as organised and prepared as I can in all areas of my life. So can you imagine my horror when I found out I have rosacea? Talk about seeing red!

I had often wondered why I blushed so easily, constantly had a red nose, and why my eyes insisted on watering as soon as I leave the house (no good for the hour it took to do my make up). I went to the GP as my skin was dry and scaly around the eyes, and showed signs of acne on my cheeks and nose (oh the joy) and was given metrogel which is an antibiotic gel containing metronidazole. I have been using the gel for 6 days now and my skin is showing signs of improvement. I have also invested in rosaliac intense gel by La Roche-Posay (£16) and rosaliac cc cream (£19.50) which I got from Boots and I’m not kidding my skin instantly feels smooth and hydrated. It’s not cheap but there is little else on the market suitable (without any alcohol in its ingredients). I tried Aloe Vera pure gel but found it heavy and tight on my skin, also virgin coconut oil but it was a bit greasy and had to be re-applied several times a day.

I’m also changing my diet as certain food apparently triggers rosacea, so I’m going dairy free, using rice milk and sunflower spread (pure range). NO CHOCOLATE!!! (oh just shoot me now) No alcohol especially red wine! tomatoes, bananas, citrus fruit, soy sauce, yeast, sugar, and lots more that I love! Talk about a shock to the system, you can’t eat tomatoes but you can look like one! Hehe oh you gotta laugh! I thought I’d blog about this as even though it’s quite common, there isn’t all that much advice available for someone adapting to rosacea. I will post another blog in the near future with any other purchases I come across, and hope you in return comment on my blog with any tips for me 🙂

For now I’m gong back to being me, but with a new shopping list for a healthier less stressed Jess. I feel a series of red paintings coming on!!! Oh the drama! 

Love Jess x

time is my greatest fear

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Feeling the pressure of Christmas?


Well it’s November the 20th and there’s a sudden panic in the air as November is quickly coming to an end and December almost upon us. I’m guessing for most there will be one more pay to get gifts, food, and everything one might need to have “THE BEST Christmas EVER”. So the endless task of thinking what to buy people begins, with lists of names, ideas and the latest festive promotion catalogues from all the high street shops piled high on the coffee table to entice us. The trouble is thinking of new things to get everyone each year, and with the same old thing in a different colour that’s put in front of us it doesn’t take long before Christmas becomes more effort than enchanting.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! Everything about it is magical, once you can get over the pressure to buy and the endless cheesy adverts on TV and that blinking frozen song that the WHOLE WORLD seems to be singing along to, then the rest of it is great! For me it’s all about family time, great food and drink, and a couple of classic films to watch and bring us all together.

As an environmental student I do worry however that this festive season does add to our carbon footprint. We buy for those we love, purchase food we wouldn’t normally eat in vast amounts, and many even feel the need to totally redecorate their homes too just to make everything perfect! This most wonderful time of the year is increasing demands on goods and produce which in turn adds to our environmental impact, but how do we have a great Christmas without these extra treats and goodies?

One way would be to support local communities and businesses by buying from them rather than online where things get shipped from miles away. Use your local butchers and markets for your meat and fresh produce. Go to craft fairs and galleries and buy unusual gifts that will be treasured and appreciated rather than the mass produced high street goods that hold no real value. A piece of art for example would remain on a wall for years and become apart of your home, unlike a stocking full of small sparkly gifts that will be used maybe once before becoming your new years car boot sale items or just thrown away!

However you prepare for it, I hope it’s a stress free process and the countdown fills you with excitement. For those looking for a piece of modern art there is 20% off all paintings when you quote ABSTRACT20 at 🙂

xmas quote

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Are you inspired by your five a day?


Brrrrr! I don’t know about you but I’m finding its gone quite cold these last few days….. having just gotten over the lurgy I thought it might be nice to make some homemade soup and build up my immune system. Whilst preparing the veg my creative side of me came alive and I became inspired by the different colours in front of me. I decided right there and then to use my five a day and bring some vitality not only into my life but also into my art.

Usually it’s cake that puts a smile on my face, but the greens of my greens combined with the vibrant shades of carrot and butternut squash lifted my spirits and reminded me that artistic vision can be found when you least expect it.


I will be creative this weekend and upload the painting once complete both here and on my online art gallery

what will inspire you today?

Keeping it simple…


Over the past few weeks we have on a daily bases seen our friends and family, and even glimpses of celebrities all take part in the #Icebucket challenge where a bucket of ice cold water is poured over themselves to raise money for charity. It seems we have now switched as predicted from ice bucket crazy to pie in the chops “doubtfire face” challenge. I think I’m one of the only people not to have accepted the challenge, my reasons are I simply don’t believe in the concept behind them. What a waste of water and pies when millions of people worldwide are without food or precious water! Surely people can simply donate money to charity without the wastage? Just keep it simple, no gimmicks , just pure giving to charity because you want to…

The no make up selfie proved it can be done and was a challenge in itself to get ladies to participate. For some, including myself, it was a personal journey to accomplish, after all our facebook pages are full of images of us at our best, or having a good time and not usually us looking our worst. That image should be for me and the bathroom mirror every morning and nobody else! 

So I began to think about how I could do my bit without compromising my beliefs.I decided that over September and October I will donate 10% from the paintings I sell at and donate the 10% to Macmillan for Cancer

                                                         cosmic haze

Getting off the hamster wheel…..


Well folks I’ve decided to get off the hamster wheel and take control of my current situation. It’s not as dramatic as it sounds fear not,  but a year ago I begun studying towards my second degree which is in environmental management and technology.

I must say it was the right career move for me and have been putting in all the hours and am pleased to say am on track to getting a first. Unfortunately with working full time simultaneously my art work has taken a back seat which is tearing me up inside as it’s a huge part of who I am.

So I’m giving myself a pat on the back and a couple of hours painting time every week to feel human which hopefully will bring me back from zombie brained study mode, to my normal daft self.

On that note be prepared for a blast of creativity to enter my online art zone aka over the next few weeks

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